Bespoke Prosthetics

maleLosing part of the face or body can have a devastating effect.
Prosthetic Innovations has a wealth of experience working in this highly specialised field both within the NHS and privately, creating prostheses for patients who have structures missing due to disease, trauma or congenital anomalies.

Our custom made prostheses are created by initially taking an impression before carving a wax model of the missing area. A mould is then made into which carefully coloured silicone is added. Freckles, veins and, if necessary, hairs, are incorporated into the finished piece to create an extremely lifelike effect.

ear (1)Ear Prostheses

The ear or part of the ear may have been lost as a result of birth defect, disease or accident. A silicone prosthesis restores the natural contours creating an excellent result.

fingersFinger Prostheses

A custom made finger or finger tip prosthesis will go a long way towards creating a more acceptable cosmetic result and may also help restore function.


Nipple Prostheses

Following breast reconstruction, a patient will often opt for a custom made nipple/areola complex (NAC) prosthesis to restore the natural contours of the breast.

This extremely effective prosthesis puts the finishing touches to what can often be a long journey following surgery for breast cancer allowing the patient to feel complete once more.

nipplesCustom Prostheses

Prosthetic Innovations can create many more types of individual custom made prosthesis. If you have a query regarding your own personal case, please contact us in the strictest confidence.


Patients may be able to obtain funding for prosthetics and other treatments through their local Clinical Commissioning Group this can be guided by their general practitioner.

We also cater for patients who are either self – funding or for those patients holding health insurance, we have provider status through all the main health insurance companies.

If you have a query regarding your own personal case, please contact us in the strictest confidence.